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I’m so happy I can finally announce this 🎯 . You’ve seen me grow up on social media. You’ve seen me go from running around being funny on Vine, doing a movie on Netflix, to doing the lifestyle videos on Youtube you watch now. There have been a lot of phases in this journey both good and bad but there sure has been a whole lot. And I’m truly so happy for this new phase in my life. I’m so excited to announce my partnership with @Target. Target has been there for me since the beginning when I needed to run in and get some makeup, or when I only had $50 to spend on clothes in Miami, to decorating my apartment in LA. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity to be able to work with them directly and create content that I’m proud of with a brand I love so much. Over the next several months you can expect boatloads of content that will bring a smile to your face, hopefully making it easy to forget the rougher parts of your day. Who would have thought 4 years ago one of the BEST retailers in the country would be partnering with Princess Lauren? More to come 😏 #TargetTalent

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YouTuber Lauren Giraldo, better known for her hilarious Vine videos and a Netflix movie has started what she calls: ”A new phase” in her life… And she looks so happy! 🤗🤗 In July, she announced via her Instagram a new partnership with Target, in which she will be creating content for the retail store. Target commented on her post: “We’re Instagram official! Welcome to the family” and we must say… Lauren is a pretty lucky girl! 🤑

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